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Es werden Posts vom Januar, 2011 angezeigt.

Pickpocket #80 TSPDT

I love the super-stylized acting in Bresson's films. Although Pickpocket is rather short with 75 minutes it seemed very long nevertheless.

The baroque music springs to the ear immediately and there were some obvious circular story moments, ie the repetition of the race track situation.

The camera work had some very religious and painterly feeling to it. The actors seem to have been held in place for rather long shots, and their arms and glance directions looked extremely arranged.

Le mépris #56 TSPDT

Very nice pictures and a very haunting score. I do appreciate the complexity of the construction of the film but somehow can't connect to the persons. Some of the dialogues seem very drawn out and longer than necessary. There might have been some subtle changes in the relation of the characters but I couldn't spot them.

South Park S08

Eric Cartman as fake robot is pretty funny. The stories are getting better and the scripts are seeing a lot more work on this one.

Noticed something called southpathopedia. Very thorough (and in german). I just can't warm up enough to the whole series, but at least I can see a development through the various seasons.

Madame de... #78 TSPDT

This is a very interesting film. I especially loved the camerawork. Although I've only seen it once I could immediately tell that the film was constructed in a very detailed way. A lot of the stuff I couldn't pinpoint to. By chance I came across this very interesting lecture


Many more things were pointed out, and it's a very interesting listen. Definitively I film I should reconsider for my own projects. I didn't like "Letter of an unknown woman" that much, but I'm sure a repeated viewing would get me a lot of interesting insights. Definitively time that I get watch more Ophüls.

Restarting my blog

I want to restart my blog, so I can track some of my hopefully intense progress in the
coming months. I am trying to figure out a way how to stream all this information into one place
coming from different sources.

This place will be mostly reporting about work and reading and art, including the relevant links.

I also want to muse about my work practices here and becoming more efficient over time.

Lets see if I can keep it up.