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Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmusch, 2005)

An aging womanizer receives an anonymous letter from a child he didn't know he had and promptly sets out to visit his former lovers.

This is the perfect vehicle for Murray's dead-pan performance. The film starts out as a Murray being the straight man in a world populated by his more-or-less-crazy exes. Which made me root for his character to reach the goal of his mission. And the way the film is told it really seems that he manages to reach it. But a mixture of the character's personality and the circumstances (and, obviously, a sense of reality that sets in quite suddenly) render his attempt futile.
In my opinion, the way Murray's character is constructed is by far the most exciting part of the film, although I enjoyed the film altogether very much. Don Johnston (!) is in his late 40s and seems to have made enough money in "computers" that he is not really concerned about work anymore. Quite possibly he has had a long row of lovers he could "afford&quo…