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Night Moves (Arthur Penn, 1975)

A private detective is sent to search for the runaway daughter of a rich LA ex-actress and stumbles over an intricate web of lies.
What I like so much in film noir is that there is a certain quirkiness to the motivation of the protagonist. With Night Moves being classified as a Neo-Noir, I thought it might be interesting to map the journey of the main character throughout the movie.
There is no dramatic irony in this film. We know exactly what the character knows at all time. He is in every scene of the film. But we get to know him quite a bit over the course of the story.
Short description of Harry Moseby: A former football player, now working as a struggling private detective, has problems of confronting family problems. He cannot cope with his cheating wife, or talk to his estranged father. On the other hands he tries to "fix" or "break" families professionally. He only mentions his football career in terms of losing a game, so he must have been kicked out or a…

Wings (William A. Wellmann, 1927)

Two men in love with the same woman, but with very different backgrounds, become friends when they fly during WWI.
Apart from this getting the first Oscar, there were some surprisingly well done stunts - which I think might easily hold up today. However, I read on another website that many fighter pilots were out of luck after WWI and had to make a living performing very dangerous flight acrobatics on cheap machines that they bought for a few hundred bucks from the government. In that sense, those daredevils were in abundance when the film was made.
I thought it might prove interesting to look at the structure of a long silent film - Jack, the protagonist of the film, is in most scenes of the film. His two interests are David - friend and colleague pilot - and Mary - a girl that loves him, but he is in love with Sylvie, who loves David (but is only in the beginning and the end of the film).
The "friendship" story and the "love" story seem to run quite in parallel.…