Sonntag, 19. August 2007

Rembrandt Version 6

This is the new version on the next day. It took 15 minutes (and I was talking on the phone).

The positions of the heads are ok. The shapes are not too good yet. First time I also noticed the things around their necks, that add considerable volume. The chair I couldn't really remember, this one is way to high and has a pointy shape, which I definitively made up. The feet of the body are in good position. The position of the scissors is in the line of the hand. There is a lot of subtle head positionings I didn't seem to be able to depict fully. There are lines between the face of the teacher and his left hand the bodys left hand. same goes for the right hand.


stefan hat gesagt…

Voll interessant the evolution zu sehen. "It's all about progress" heisst's hier oft aus zeichnermuendern. Jetzt das gleiche spiel in farbe? hehe

yogi hat gesagt…

nene, ich finde, man muss etwas 50 mal machen, bevors gut ist. dann farbe :-)