Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

Fanny och Alexander - TSPDT #74

Definitively my favorite Bergman movie so far. A visual feast and a great story. I couldn't understand all the "supernatural" moments such as the dead kids lying in the top room on the floor, while Jacobi with rescuing them in the big chest. This scene opens and is part of the a surreal dream-like part towards the end of the film, which also seems referenced in the recital of Stringbergs "Dreamplay", which I'm not familiar with.

There are some interesting things done with the music and the choice of instruments seems to be of importance - the piano in the saloon, was there music at the funeral?, the flute of the bishop and the cembalo that played some simple notes here and there towards the end. The ticking clock is a fixture in the sound background.

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