Dienstag, 22. März 2011

The Battle of Algiers - TSPDT #96

Follows the fate of one of the heads of the National Liberation Front in Algiers during the uprising in the first half of the 50s and the moves of their French adversaries as they - fruitlessly - bring down the revolution.

A very well made film, with an unexpected documentary feeling to it. Some fantastic camerawork using out-of-focus shots and a very careful mixture of handheld and tripod shots. Also the editing towards the end seems to have mixed in real news footage - it completely blends in.

The director chose the Algerian actors wisely, they are all extremely good looking. I must admit that Ali was drawn a little bit too simple, he is basically constantly angry and has no doubts about himself and his mission, very much in contrast to his other conspirators. But the French colonel also did a fantastic job in portraying the fine line between being a soldier loyal to his country and a sadistic madman.

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