Samstag, 19. März 2011

Trape de Elite - Berlinale 2007 Golden Bear

A reckless special police squad caught in the social network of the modern brazilian society in Rio de Janeiro.

The film is definitively not a "fascist" view but is told from the perspective of a definitively fascistoid police captain Nascimento. The other characters seem to struggle more with their role in society and the poor black law student seems to be left no other choice by the script but to join the ranks of the elite troop on the verge of lawlessness.

An interesting movie trying to give a (possibly not-so-real) look in the actual mechanics of the society in Rio - some nice editing work and the build-up to the second part is amazing. After that there are some moment where you lose interest, but generally still very good. I don't think I would watch this a second time but a documentary about the "reality" might prove interesting.

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