Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Aguirre (1974) - TSPDT #91

Retells the fate of the historic expedition of Pizarro into the jungle of Peru in search of El Dorado.

A certain intimacy is playing well of inside this small expedition group, where most of the cast doesn't say close to nothing. Obviously, Aguirre, the crazy shadow of the El Dorado's emperor gets most of the interesting action.

A beautiful moment: When the wounded and humiliated leader of the expedition is taken away to be hanged, there is a moment of incredible beauty and sadness when his lover stares into the reflecting water in grief.

I liked it a little more than the first time I saw it, and I could relate a little better to the documentary feeling it has. In the beginning there is something wrong with my suspension of disbelief. It feld like people running around in costumes in the jungle.

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