Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Inception (2009) - Academy Best Film Nominee 2010

A thief operating inside other peoples dream is trying to get back to his children by taking on the ultimately dangerous mission.

Very nice SF movie, very Philipp K. Dick style, but pleasantly intelligent - it had one or two "dumbed down moments" - eg when it tried to make its point that dream time is by some x factor slower than in the level above. But apart from that I rarely felt like a complete idiot when watching it.

Solid camera work, one or two "showy" special effects but the rest was beautifully subdued and doing the job to get the story from one point to the next.

Di Caprio made a good impression, but pretty much everybody did a really good job here. I didn't feel that anybody was unbelievable.

Only little thing that annoyed me was Hans Zimmers score. Some of the synthesizer passages were definitively very 80s and played on some weird Yamaha synth from the 90s. (Only in some places, but when I noticed it it nearly tore me out of the story)

Fantastic editing in the car chase scene. Worth studying.

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