Montag, 11. April 2011

Un prophète (2009) - Cesar Best 2009

A young criminal is transformed by the realities of prison hierarchy into a smooth and smart cartel boss.

An amazing movie, I was totally intrigued from start to finish.

One of the things that most intrigued me was that there were absolutely no explanatory moments that I could think of. Everything was well hidden. Sometimes when something was explained it was later used in some really interesting way, for example his reflex tongue showing, whenever he is searched and the inadvertent use at the airport. Really really good stuff here.

I really like the Luciani character's transformation from Mafia boss to a broken man and the total anti-climax feeling of the two main characters in the prison yard at the end of the film. I can only imagine how long the fight between producer and director must have been (just kidding)

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