Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Sanjuro (Kurosawa, 1962) - TSPDT #1498

A ronin helps ten young clan members overcome their corrupt superintendent and his henchmen.

Something that might best carry the title "Action-Comedy", very interesting setup in this movie.

Excellent framing. Kurosawa seems to have been bent to keep ALL ten men in the picture at all times. For some of the scenes it feels more like a ballett or a stage play, when all of the men run into positions 1-10. A surprising large number of shots take place in very confined spaces.

There are two very violent scenes - one, where Sanjuro slashes all the guards in the force and the laughable ending with the other samurai.

There is some randomness introduced when the women find the pieces of paper in the small water trickle. Because of the large importance of the river as signal medium it had to be introduced. It seems a little unconvincing, though.

Extremely beautiful framing and very interesting edits. (Beginning, Introduction of the waterway)

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