Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Black, 2005) - NCC #13

A criminal-turned-actor-turned-investigator is kicked through LA with a dead body and a complicated story on his hand.

Storywise it is a little bit like Chinatown meets comedy. There are some extremely funny scenes in there, but unfortunately the "crime" story is a little bit too twisted, going back and forth and meandering all over the place (and crashing into the 4th wall at least 10 times). I got confused at times, and I wasn't even drunk. But still quite enjoyable.

The pee joke is quite funny, but the geography of the bathroom didn't quite work. It looks awkward when he turns. The russian roulette is funny. Miss Monaghan is radiantly beautiful and quite funny. All the actors were pretty good, but maybe they should have made it longer so one has time to digest the story inbetween all the funny remarks.

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