Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Lust for Life (Minelli, 1956) - NYT #519

An interpretation of Van Gogh's life and struggles.

A very melodramatic interpretation of Van Goghs life - its amazing to see Anthony Quinn and Kirk Douglas' sheer physical force clash on the screen. They make an amazing couple on screen and Minelli was right there to catch it. There could have even been more. His brother seems a little too clichéd in his incessant positive reassuring of Vincents outrageous behavior. And what role his wife has is entirely unclear to me. Maybe he seemed to gay on screen?

They went to all the original locations as far as they could and the colors of that film era fit Van Gogh's spectrum to a certain degree. The priest seminar scene is extremely strong and so are some of the mine scenes. I really liked the acting, although it was sometimes skyhigh over the top.

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