Montag, 5. September 2011

Madadayo (Kurosawa, 1993)

An inspiring teacher is protected by his former students from the relative perils of old age.

In his last film, the humanist spirit has succeeded. The glowing inspiration of the child-like teacher has transformed his students into devout and very considerate do-gooders. The film is recklessly optimistic, maybe even leaning way too far into the side of a perfect world. I couldn't figure out the reflection behind that setup - and I'm not quite sure that I support the underlying meaning as far as I understand it. This perfect world can become a bit boring once in a while - some very interesting insights into Japanese everyday life, anyway.

Again, some amazing mass choreography that Kurosawa has brought to perfection over the years. At many times here it not only resembles but becomes actual dance. The ending sequence is breathtaking!

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