Samstag, 17. September 2011

Onder ons (van Geffen, 2011) - Locarno 2011 CO

 A polish babysitter in the Netherlands grows increasingly scared of her new surroundings.

It's a very well constructed film and it was also a pretty interesting watch. The Dutch suburban culture is a rather weird universe in its rigid appliance of political correctness and moral superiority. The shell is cracked when we learn (on the side) that there is a rapist and serial killer among them. The story is retold from different viewpoints which heightens the suspense as the story holds back the crucial part of the information until the end.

There is a very important scene that is retold twice in the garden of another nanny. Maybe that scene should have been a bit more underlined because it would have made the terror in the empty house much more realistic.

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