Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

The best years of our lives (Wyler, 1946)- TSPDT #122

Three WW2 veterans return home and try to re-settle into their old lives and try to live on.

A very enjoyable movie with a very fine structure. It is easy to follow the three leading characters throughout the story. It is also absolutely not overdone in the end, when one of the veterans relives his war experiences in a derelict plane. Wyler managed to tell the story straightforwardly without digging into too much sentiment.

The documentary approach to the situation helped to convince me more. Amazing scene is where the father reads out the war medal letters his son has received. Fantastic back story and a very touching moment. The acting is fantastic in this and all the other moments.

The cinematography is amazing when the film shows the airplane graveyard.

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