Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

Bridesmaids (Feig, 2011)

 A broke and desperate maid of honor tries to impress her best friend with the usual mishaps.

McKee mentioned this movie about five times during his seminar so I finally watched it. My expectations were intergalactic, so even "Apocalypse 2001 with Al Pacino as Darth Vader" would have been a let down. It's nicely constructed but there are some loose ends - why are the other two girls out of the picture after the plane incident? The security girl remains in the script as the goofy character. We had some discussions about the meanings of the puppies and why they disappear in the middle of the scene, never to really return.  I guess what the movie does really well is to pick up the audience and carry finding the right balance of american pie and romcom. Maybe a great cinema experience?

The gross scenes don't all work on the small screen (sex in the beginning and end) and the repetitive montages (baking, getting the officers attention) come over as cheesy. I am rather sure this also might come across much better in a theatre.

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