Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

It Happened One Night (Capra, 1934) - TSPDT #198

A heiress fleeing from her overprotective tycoon father meets a journalist on her way to New York.

Maybe not the first romantic comedy but definitively carries all the typical signs of the blueprint of all thousands or so to follow. Girl in personal predicament meets man. He hates her, she hates him, but a string of adventurous events forces them to bond and they fall in love with each other. I found a certain social aspect in these kind of stories that make them interesting to watch even when they're dated. In America's 1930s you
  • couldn't rent a hotel unless you were married
  • the morals are kept up within the room even if the couple is not married
  • there is a rather large gap between the very rich and the very poor
  • and more generally: newspaper journalists are probably always fired at least once in the course of a movie (up till today)

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