Dienstag, 8. November 2011

Der Untergang (Hirschbiegel, 2004)

 The last days of Hitler in a devastated Berlin under siege by the Russians.

As with all biographical attempts that I noted, also this film faces the issue of coming up with a structure to hold the film together. A central (harmless) figure is established, Hitler's personal typist, a very naive young woman from Munich that is indirectly related to some of the higher-ups. Although the film was entertaining to watch, through the enormous pressure to keep all the historical details airtight as far as they are known, I was at times confused about which parts of the stories were real and which were added for dramatic impact.

Ganz's performance is great, he felt a bit too old for the job, but somebody who has read the book assured me, that Hitler really became sort of on old tattery guy towards the end. That also Göring is played by a Swiss actor made me think: No German wanted to play it? Or are they poking fun at the Swiss again?

This film is so close to a documentary - given that you believe what is said - that I couldn't put it into a "fictional" category.

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