Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

The red baron (Müllerschon, 2008)

The young flying ace learns about the horrors of war and falls in love with a nurse.

I felt strangely detached from the main character and lost interest in his way of thinking about 10 minutes into the movie. The only fascinating person was the younger brother, striving for some kind of fame and overshadowed by his famous older brother. Most of the subtext was actually said from one person to the next, and many scenes could have been edited down for efficiency clarity and interest. There must have been some TV people involved, because it was made sure that everybody in the room understood when a character was "angry" or "sad". Quite annoying and ultimately extremely boring.

I really wonder, how the English language version I've seen was conceived. Maybe due to budget issues, the actors talked their version themselves. Needless to say that everybody in the room had more than one raised eyebrow (should have watched the German version)

The actors could shine, but the script just didn't work at all. The CGI was good, but same here: no interest to support the imagery.

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