Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Shadow of a doubt (Hitchcock, 1939) - TSPDT #330

Young Charlie's favorite Uncle Charlie appears to be more adventurous than she could have ever hoped.

The story is told very straight forward and I've spotted many small visual humorous gags by Hitchcock, like depicting the Santa Rose community as an ideal community by showing a happy traffic officer standing on an intersection, whistling away. Hitchcock's gentle mockery of small-town morale seems to manifest in a cardboard characters society with the daughter trying to express "everything that's wrong with her world" by staring at the ceiling and thinking. Cotton's character came across as the only more or less "real" person in the movie.

When Charlie tries to ring that police officer and she cannot find him at any of the addresses he has left her I was wondering, where the film was supposed to go on from there - it felt a bit like a plot hole.

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