Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Yip Man (Yip, 2008)

Cheesy story of the young Wing Chun master Ip Man (Yip man?)

There is not much to this film in terms of story, or structure - the emotions are cardboard in their very best moments and the acting is so wooden that some of the wooden planks the pupils practice on come off much better.

For me as a layman having been dragged into this thing, the only thing I did notice about it was the notorious use of moving camera - so much that it gets annoying after only 5 minutes. I assume the director chose this angle of attack to decoupage to make the fight scenes more interesting to watch. This was the only interesting thing from the film: this was not wire-fu, but straight down to earth acrobatics and some fighting (or the other way around). What separated it from the few other films I've seen so far in this genre: It's completely humorless. There is no fun in the fight scenes. From this I deduce that the makers knew that martial arts students will study the moves and the scenes carefully.

I should have stayed away from this one. I even disliked it more than Kurosawa's awful Judo films. No more bad reviews on my blog, I'm not a film critic.

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