Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Gwoemul - The Host (Bong, 2006) - TSP21 #151

A mutated monster fish kidnaps a small girl and so her remaining family members hunt for her in the sewers of Han river.

There are some really nice twists in this huge commercial success especially in terms of characters. I really like the main actor Kang-ho Song - similarly to Memories of a murder he plays a rather dumb, ignorant character and is extremely convincing at it too. There were some dangling storylines at the end and I felt that the other characters could have been beefed up a little bit, especially the conflict of the siblings with Song.

The animation and vfx are so-so, but it doesn't really matter - it's the relentless stubborness coupled with a glaring naivete of the main character that makes the whole thing fun to watch.

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