Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Mildred Pierce (Curtiz, 1945) - TSPDT #495

With all means a single mother tries to win the love of her daughter, giving up everything.

A very well constructed films with a long flashback bracing the actual story, that Joan Crawford tells at the police station. I deeply hated the Veda character, in my opinion one of the top evil baddies I have seen in a long time. (Maybe the boy in Au hasard, balthasar was even worse?)

It didn't appear to be a "film noir" to me, because the character I rooted most for (the mother) might finally get what she deserves: peace. Joan Crawfords acting is amazing and I could really feel her love for her daughter coming out of the screen. In her all-giving love she might be a doomed soul, so there is no hope for her anyway. Also the rest of the cast was extremely well placed and worked perfectly - I believed every one of them.

I just realized that Crawford wears a huge bunch of different costumes through that film.

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