Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

I remember Mama (Stevens, 1948)

The life and times of a Norwegian family in San Francisco in the 40s.

The film is extremely entertaining although nothing much happens except that the daughter grows up to become a writer and retell her mother's story through her own words. And that's how I saw the film: Through the wondering and naive eyes of a child, believing in the unfailing truth and honesty of his parents. I believe that what makes this film's beauty is the longing for the unspoiled happiness of the perfect happiness in the viewer - and this seems to work extremely well, judging from other commentaries of people around the globe.

Most of the characters are over the top, but still they work together extremely well. Especially the obnoxious uncle was a revelation, especially how he started to develop real depth without leaving his comical figure.

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