Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

TRON: Legacy (Kosinski, 2010)

Visual effects porn - (although porn scripts are better)

This film is a bizarre pastiche of great work of the VFX department and a strangely insufficient vision of the scriptwriter. I feel deeply sorry for Mr Kosinski on this one - I am pretty sure he had a more concise vision of this film that must have been slaughtered in thousands of meetings by some brain-dead executives. The bad thing is: they must believe that they were right, looking at the numbers only. What is obvious, that they could have filmed their own behinds and added some fx to that - attracting the same numbers of moviegoers.
Rarely, I have felt so emotionally disconnected to ALL the characters in a movie like in this one. It was like watching the weather forecast's outtake. The "son thing" is boring, the "Jeff thing" is polarzombieexpress-like, the "Girl thing" is stupid and so on.
I wish I hadn't seen this movie - it was so much better in my imagination. The original got me hooked on wanting to make films and animations - this one: maybe I should go and study law.

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