Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Wuthering Heights (Arnold, 2011) - #IFFR #Rotterdam 2012

The classic tale of the love between a farmer's daughter and a gipsy who is taken in by the family.

The imagery of this very gritty rendering of the story is breathtaking and - lightly put - very very wet. It rendered the savage and barren landscape with the few animals hunting for prey in such an astonishing way that I completely forgot that my seat was way too close to the screen.

The acting was very fine and the way that the young and the grown up lead tries to (unsuccessfully) control his feelings was an uncomfortable delight to watch. The main character talks only the bare minimum and remains totally determined to get what he believes he needs for his spiritual survival. Would love to see that again just to study the lines of the lead but also for the amazing energy that spills over from the pictures and the edit.

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