Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Bride of Frankenstein (Whale, 1935) - #TSPDT #223

The monster is not dead and Frankenstein is forced to construct a female companion for the lonely creature.

The most memorable scene is the awakening of the "bride". The sheer height of the set, quickly cut against very extreme angels of Frankenstein and Doctor Pretorius in very harsh lighting gives the whole awakening a very demonic and at the same time very theological look - I was reminded of a church by the architecture somehow. I was wondering what the symbolic inspiration of raising and lowering the mummy to the roof was. The bride herself (who was credited as "?") looks amazing and her movements have a ballet-like quality despite their jerkiness.

When the monster remains at the blind monk's cottage, there is a sense of real friendship between the two highly unlikely characters, despite the kitsch and over-the-top way it was put in front of the camera. But not all of the relationships work that well - there is a good moment, when Frankenstein meets his creation but it's over all too soon and doesn't make too much sense.

Also, Frankenstein's wife could have been a nastier person, so we would have put even more sympathy in the tragic fate of the monster.

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