Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Immortals (Singh, 2011) - SIGH (+upturned lampshades) #vfxporn

VFX porn at its worst, could have used some dialogue from actual porn to improve.

Usually quite sheepish when it comes to watching movies with friends that have different tastes, ie they love actions, they love to talk during movies, and so on. This was one of the extremely few times where *everybody* agreed to flee after ten minutes, in a stampede-like evacuation of the screening. Due to bizarre mixture of guilt and admittedly microscopically small hopes for a better second half, I watched the whole thing.

I just don't understand why such films are being made. Maybe they appeal to a teenager crowd from about 12 to 14 (and in the closet)? Fine with me, the visuals are pretty OK although not very imaginative like the ones in The Cell. This is an incredibly imaginative director! What happened? He should have hired back the same VFX supervisor, at least. I just blame the studio (easiest).

There's no humor in the film, unfortunately. Although I thought it was incredibly funny when the women wear thinly veiled, upside-down lampshades on their heads. And I'm 95% sure, these WERE lampshades found in some thrift store. Great irony! (was it?)

I will not go on about the script, but I can feel there is a niche in this world for films with great VFX and a great story, that actually complement each other. Back to work on my treatment.

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