Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Pazirale sadeh / Modest reception (Haghighi, 2011) - #Berlinale 2012

A couple tries to get rid of a whole car filled with money in the Iranian highland.

An amazing film and with a lot of humor. The first scene was hilarious in that it immediately immersed the audience in the tension and in the absurd humor of the whole film. After a while, though, the fun turns rather somber and sinister. The story is divided very noticeable into scenes - but even though the framework is highly visible the film works nevertheless.

Especially the first scene was quite interestingly written. Haghighi has worked quite a bit on the balance in between the three actors - every 20 seconds or so somebody else has "control" of the situation. Establishing something like a "slapstick" drama - and it also turns quite physical at the end.

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