Dienstag, 20. März 2012

The Thief of Baghdad (Powell, Berger, Welan, 1940) - #TSPDT #320

A master prince is tricked out of his throne by the grand wesir and only magic and love can bring him back his throne.

Two most enjoyable scene in this movie was the love scene. The prince appears as a beggar-turned-ghost, the princess and he exchange fewer than two or three sentences and then sink into each others arms for a kiss. Not a single frame was wasted on courting - it just happens. Other films could benefit from that - they're gonna fall in love anyway, so why wait?

The evil wesir whose countenance has definitively thoroughly inspired Disney's Aladdin was amazing to watch. He was able to pull the looking-evil-when-you're-not-looking glance very convincingly.

Some of the smaller scenes didn't make too much sense inside the story (stealing the carpet was one of them). I know I've seen this picture as a child, but the only thing I could remember was the abundance of colors.

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