Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

Vredens Dag / Day of Wrath (Dreyer, 1943) - #TSPDT #266

 The son of a priest falls in love with his father's young wife - which proves to be a dangerous undertaking in the time of witch hunts.

There is a depressing virtuosity that I feel every time I watch one of Dreyer's films. The camera movements are gracious in moving from one choking situation to the next. There is fantastic movement especially dolly shots (sideways) that were so impressive that I fell out of the story for a couple of moments. I remember similarly impressive stuff from Gertrud, which was shot later. And many of the shots reminded me of Rembrandtesque imagery.

Throughout the whole film, the imagery is incredibly strong and I really felt that something of "those days" was transported through the film. The choice of the actor's features made this even more of an experience. A remake of his "Arc" shot, the inquisition is also amazing to watch as the camera pans from one face to the other (or with cuts). These people look genuine - I imagine Dreyer spent a lot of time picking the extras.

The few shots outside are in strange contrast: the dream-like and very strong lit river side and the brutal weather outside when the priest returns home and he can feel that "death has brushed him". 

This film is definitively another look worth regarding camera movement and lighting.

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