Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

Galaxy Quest (Parisot, 1999)

A former sci-fi TV series cast is tossed into a real world/galaxy/universe saving adventure and end up living up to their screen persona.

Considering my movie watching habits at the moment, this is absolutely not the type of film I would watch otherwise, and also being deeply disappointed in popcorn and sci-fi genre flicks. Through the gointethestory monthly viewing series I got involved in reading and somewhat studying the script and also watching the online tweet session with the film.

Although I did enjoy the move, I've caught myself finding it difficult to see past the not too ambivalent characters on screen. I understand from the discussions that they all have the "minimum" depth required for a good sreenplay, but somehow I felt that their inner life was too much simplified. Since the plot was not very twisted, it felt like I didn't have too much to hold on.  So when the movie was over I thought: "OK, now what?" - which means that I wouldn't recommend it to a friend over a beer.

What is interesting to note is that the script left a bigger impression on me than the film. 

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