Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Waterloo Bridge (LeRoy, 1940) #DTC 421

A chance meeting of an officer and a dancer protracts into a romance, a series of misunderstandings, and multiple heartbreak.

It took me quite a while to get into this film, but towards the end it was a very enjoyable and touching experience. It starts off maybe just a bit too slow, with the flashback in the beginning being just a touch too campy. Maybe the over-the-top start was putting me off.

As mentioned elsewhere, this is a rather tame remake of an earlier film, which itself is a rather tamed version of a racy stage play. The film has two scenes I remember fondly, the dance scene of the two lovers - which was beautiful to watch. According to imdb LeRoy decided to do this without dialogue and it is a deeply touching scene. The scenes on the bridge were maybe not as memorable, but I liked how they used the location quite effectively as a place of the highest and lowest moments in the script. No doubt a leftover from the play.

It's interesting how difficult it must have been to hint at prostitution without showing it. I imagine a spate of meetings arguing about how this and that should be cut and edited. Luckily, it still is clear enough and the picture doesn't suffer too much from it.

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