Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Gun Crazy (Lewis, 1950) - TSPDT #557

This is a story about a straight, even dull guy with a overwhelming fetish for gunswho  falls in love with a no-good woman that coaxes him into committing robberies. It turns out to be a nice Bonnie-and-Clyde variation.

The first part felt heavy-handed and slow. Using a courtroom scene with witnesses, arguing for the lead character's noble character felt strange.

Annie's motivation for pushing her husband to a career in crime is thinly explained, although she was the more interesting character in the film.

Favorite scene: While her husband robs a bank in the background, Annie chats pointlessly to a policeman standing in front. It is not clear to me why she tries to grab his attention.

Great sets: The meat packaging company has some nice shots of hanging meat. Is that the earliest film to use this type of location?

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