Montag, 27. Mai 2013

The Asphalt Jungle (Huston, 1950) - TSPDT #314

The small-town hooligan Dix is hired for a jewel heist. But the plans of the mastermind Riedenschneider fall apart one after the other, until all Dix has left to run for is his own life.

Sterling Hayden's character is an outwardly-hardened but human farmer that tries to return to his farm that his family lost some years ago. But also the other figures are quite interesting: the corrupt lawyer who plays cards with his sick wife and keeps an expensive blonde somewhere. Although not perfectly balanced, at some points the guilt he felt in front of his unsuspecting wife were tangible.

Also the commissioner and the detective were not without flaws, even small roles had interesting little scenes. Should re-read the script.

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